About Spectacler

Spectacler addresses the needs of the world’s 670 million people that are visually impaired that have no access to prescription eyeglasses. Most of these people don’t need perfect vision – rather they look for solutions to improve their quality of life in an affordable manner. Spectacler provides "good enough" vision for people by providing customized, low cost eyeglasses that are easily assembled and adjusted "in the field". Combined with a simple, proprietary vision test, the Spectacler solution eliminates the need for eye doctors, prescription laboratories and two-way logistics.

The Spectacler revolution not only improves the world's vision, but it helps individuals, families, communities and local economies to reach their full potential by ensuring everyone can learn, work, and contribute to society based on their talent and ability – not on their visual acuity.

The size of the issue is mind-boggling: 
 >670m people remain untreated... mostly the poor

The appropriate vision care infrastructure is lacking in developing countries. By providing on-site testing, eyeglass assembly and customization, the need for eye doctors, prescription laboratories and two-way logistics are eliminated

"Poor vision hinder a child’s educational development and an adult’s productivity at work. Recent estimate puts the global GDP loss caused by poor vision at over USD 268.8 bn"

Bulletin of the World Health Organization

"Uncorrected refractive error (RE) is the most common cause of vision impairment globally and one of the most common causes of vision loss along with cataract, macular degeneration, and vitamin A deficiency"

American Academy of Optometry




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